We have always been committed to making our facilities as eco-friendly as possible.

Eco-friendly use of detergents

The impact of daily-use detergents on the environment is significant, and it has extremely detrimental effects.

This is why we are removing soap bars and disposable shower gel bottles from our rooms, replacing them with refillable soap dispensers.

We have also removed from our guests’ welcome kit the slippers, as they are inherently disposable.

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100% sustainable bathroom tissue

The bathroom tissue (toilet paper, paper towels) employed in our facility is 100% sustainable as it is obtained by recycling beverage cartons, these having a higher amount of long fibres as compared to a pure cellulose standard mix, thus providing a product of excellent softness, strength and absorption.
The light Havana brown colour of this paper comes from the unbleached cellulose fibres that are present in beverages cartons.
This is an innovative, significant and no-waste venture that reflects the core principles of circular economy and with a tangible effect on the environment: it allows to recycle beverage cartons, save trees and avoid useless CO² emissions.

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Scopri le serate a tema organizzate al ristorante Antica Crissa

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Scopri le serate a tema organizzate al ristorante Antica Crissa

Wastes and consumption reduction

In order to avoid a useless and excessive waste of water, a precious and depleting resource, we have installed in our water plant some special waste-detection devices that allow to reduce wastes up to 35%, still providing our guests with the same comfort as always. The heat from the sun is a valuable resource as well, and we therefore exploit it by employing solar thermal systems which can provide service water.

Besides, we adopt a “rational” room/floor allocation system in order to reduce the air conditioning system energy consumption.

Rain water collection

As the waste of water is one of the most serious threats for the future of our planet, we manage to collect rain water and then exploit it to irrigate the green spaces surrounding the facility.

Separate collection of wastes

Separate collection of wastes is an invaluable action we should all perform in order to protect our planet. For this reason we equipped our facility with separate waste-baskets to encourage this practice.

Organic waste composting

Organic waste produced by the Resort kitchen is transformed into natural fertilizer, through a composting process, and is utilized in our farms.

In this way we avoid disposing of it in landfills, thus reducing disposal costs and obtaining a great organic fertilizer, which gradually releases into the soil all those elements that are essential for vegetables growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and oligoelements.

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Scopri le serate a tema organizzate al ristorante Antica Crissa

Low energy light bulbs

We have installed led light bulbs to reduce energy consumption and CO2 production.


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Scopri le serate a tema organizzate al ristorante Antica Crissa

Recycled paper and eco-friendly pens

In our offices we choose to employ recycled paper, which comes from the processing of previously utilized paper or cardboard. The raw material  does not come from trees but from waste. In this way it is possible to prevent deforestation and we can further reduce water and energy consumption, as recycled paper production requires only one third of the resources compared to regular paper. We recycle printed papers and we sensitise our employees to a rational use of printers.
In addition, the pens we provide during business events and to our guests are also environment-friendly, being made with 50% wheat straw rather than plastic.

Electric vehicles and gears

Within the resort we make use of electric vehicles for internal staff and guests transfers, and partially of electric gardening gear for our green spaces maintenance. These equipments do not require nor petrol or diesel (not even for engine-starting) and therefore are CO2 free.

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Scopri le serate a tema organizzate al ristorante Antica Crissa

Our certifications:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

(achieved in 2011) It is the international reference standard for quality control. Its main aim is to ensure customer's satisfaction, leading companies to constantly improve the quality of the goods and services provided.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

(achieved in 2011) it is a international voluntary agreement, freely undersigned by both public and private organizations, providing guidance on sustainable environmental management. These system allows to: - Identify the impact and environmental threats and the areas for improvement. - Ensure compliance with the law concerning environmental matters. - Proof commitment towards sustainability. Environmental performance monitoring can be required at any time by contacting our Quality Assurance Department at the following email address:

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