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Why booking on the Official Website?
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Information and rules 9
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Information and rules

for the use of the Annia SPA


Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Wednesday CLOSED (except in August - open EVERYDAY)

Our SPA is open every day except Wednesday

Access to the Annia SPA is conditioned with the compliance of these rules, and it is allowed only if accompanied by the staff. The Management of the Annia SPA reserves the right to deny access to the guests. Should the guests infringe these rules, they can be expelled without notice, at any time at its sole discretion, without being reimbursed.
Annia SPA is an area of relaxation and tranquility. Please respect all spa guests’ right to privacy and serenity. In light of this, the spa is a mobile phone, pager, camera, audio/video recorders free zone. In order to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the spa and to respect the other guests privacy, please moderate your tone of voice.
Bringing food, drinks and any bags is not allowed. Smoking is not permitted in any of the Wellness areas. Showering before entering the Wellness area is compulsory.

The staff and the management is not responsible for the objects left unattended nor they safeguard the personal belongings left in the lockers and in the changing rooms.

Entrance to the Centre is permitted to children between the ages of 16 and 18, only if they are accompanied by an adult. The entrance is forbidden for minors between 10-15 years old. They are allowed to use the SPA, except for the use of Finnish Sauna and the Steam bath, only in the extraordinary case in which a family offer is active. They must be always accompanied by an adult. Children under 10 years old are not allowed to enter the SPA. Parents are kindly asked to look after their children in the respect of these regulations.

All guests are kindly requested to respect their scheduled appointments as well as the wellness area opening times.

The duration of the beauty treatments and of the massages which have been reserved may be reduced without any refund, should the guests be late. This in order to respect the following guests. All reserved treatments can be cancelled by 8.00 p.m. on the day prior to the treatment, otherwise the full treatment rate will be charged.

For reservations and information, please dial 508-500 from your room.

When booking, please advise our staff of any particular relevant health conditions, allergies or pathologies you may be suffering from to avoid an inappropriate use of the Annia SPA facilities. Occasional customers can use self-certifications.

  • Sport/emotional state: it is advisable to practice sports before starting the wellness programs. It is good practice to restore your body to its normal balance before exposing to the heat. We suggest you enjoy relaxing moments – 15/20 minutes. This rule also applies in case of tiring or particulary stressful.
  • Diet: it is more advisable that a wellness program is not made after overeating or on an empty stomach. It is good practice to begin the program at least a hour after eating – in case you are hungry, preferably have a light snack. Drinking alcoholic or caffeine and theine based drinks is highly unadvisable.
    Body temperature: it is really important that the whole body has the same temperature before exposing to the heat. In case your feet are cold, they should be warmed with lukewarm water or with a local massage in order to allow a natural, uniform, and effective transpiration.
  • Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy – During menstruation and pregnancy the use of the wellness area is forbidden. Steam bath and sauna are contraindicated in subjects affected by cardiovascular pathologies and during pregnancy.
  • Wellness Path/ Massage/ Beauty Treatments: some of the treatments mentioned above may not be recommended for individuals who have recently undergone surgeries and for those who have the following: allergies to flowers and/or plants, cosmetic products and their chemical compounds, derrmatitis or dermatosis, recent bone trauma, acute infiammation, severe venous disease, heart failure with leg edema, diseases of the central nervous system and spastic, severe necrosis, febrile processes, tumours.
  • Sun – After any treatment, we suggest you request our staff’s advice regarding solar exposure to avoid any contraindications.
  • The use of contact lenses is not recommended.
    It is compulsory to make use of the slippers provided by Popilia srl for the entire duration of the wellness path.
    It is forbidden to utilise smartphones or electronic devices in the wellness area.

The Annia SPA has a relaxation area with a herbal tea corner, where you can consume food and use the plastic glasses which are made available – in the Annia SPA the use of glasses and bottles made of glass is not allowed.

To access the Wellness area you are required to wear the bathrobe and slippers you will be provided with on your arrival. You are not allowed to enter the Wellness Centre wearing other clothes or shoes. Before entering the Wellness programs, showering with neutral soap is compulsory for hygienic reasons. When in Jacuzzi, wearing a cap is compulsory.

Prices are in Euro and include VAT. They may be subject to change.

The Management is not responsible for the partial or complete interruption of the Annia SPA services due to natural events – lightning, earthquakes, rain, hail – and to reasons of force majeure – interruption of public service, lack of electricity, heating – and other causes which do not depend upon the will of the Management.


The use of the equipment of the Annia SPA are at the users own risk, who explicitly relieve the Management from any responsibility.

FINNISH SAUNA 80/100°C – 10/20% humidity

  • Wash your body accurately before entering
  • Dry your body before exposure to the heat
  • Do not wear accessories such as glasses, contact lenses, necklaces, rings, watches and similar.
  • Close the door before sitting
  • Lie down/sit on the towel – put also your feet on it
  • Remember that the heat is more intense on the highest benches
  • Adding essential oils on the coals of the sauna is not allowed
    Maximum 15 minutes length

STEAM BATH 45/48°C – 98% humidity

  • Wash your body accurately before entering
  • Do not wear accessories such as glasses, contact lenses, necklaces, rings, watches and similar.
  • Enter the steam bath – even if your body is still wet – and wash the bench with the appropriate shower heads before and after using it
    Maximum 15/20 minutes length

EMOTIONAL SHOWERS – tropical rain and cold fog
Emotional showers and reaction showers are thought to give you well-being and favour the reestablishment of your physiological conditions, thanks to sauna or steam bath.
They combine water temperature, light reflections on the water, and aromas.
It is sufficient to:

  • Go in the shower
  • Activate the button
  • Close your eyes – the shower contain fragrances

KNEIPP PROGRAM – blue light cold water/yellow light warm water
The vaporization with cold and warm water on the lower limbs in a path of a few minutes gives you an immediate sensation of wellness and lightness.

  • Activate the button on your left, while standing
  • Wait until the next jet

The Geyser is inspired to a cloud full of rain, where the water is sprayed from below in a surprising and exciting effect.

  • Stand on the platform
  • Water jets will be automatically activated from the bottom to the top
  • Repeat this action three times


  • Throw the ice on the ground and step on it barefoot
  • Cool your body starting from the lower limbs to the face
  • Repeat this action as long as you need for cooling


  • Wear your cap before immerging
  • Immerge yourself and go back up gradually by the steps. Care must be taken not to slip.
  • Diving into the jacuzzi pool is forbidden
    Maximum 15/20 minutes length

Made with rock salt bricks extracted from the mine. The temperature of this area makes your relax pleasant and favours your body’s wellness and relaxation. During the program, the resting phase is basic to let your body recover to the normal temperature conditions, after having been in warm places such as sauna and steam baths.
In order to get the maximum benefit, we suggest the following:

  • Lie down well covered on the relaxation beds
  • Nourish your skin with water or hot drinks
  • Rest for the suggested time or as long as you need to recover

Our staff is at your complete disposal for any information or assistance you might need.