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Water birds and the Orchard

This agro-naturalistic trail runs for approximately 25,000 square meters and is suitable for both adults and children, on a mixed ground hosting ducks, geese and other animals. The core of the walk is dominated by a pond which hosts big carps (Cyprinus carpio), water turtles (Trachemys scripta), Frogs (Rana sp.), Toads (Bufo bufo) and, occasionally, the Natrix natrix, an innocuous snake looking for amphibious.

The lake is up to 5 meters deep and 20 meters large: its perimeter is enclosed by a fence and net, aimed at keeping predators away. This scenery is surrounded by a mixed orchard, offering season fruits that can be harvested and enjoyed on site.

The mixed orchard is composed of different species: apple-trees, pear-trees, plums, pomegranate, mulberries, cherry-trees and figs. Plants are ordered in rows at a distance of approximately 3-4 meters, and their ages vary from 2 to 15 years: as a consequence, their reproduction cycles are different. The orchard management is based on a combined system. Interventions against any possible fungus or insect-inducted disease are based on different expedients: plant medicines that are non-toxic for men and insects; selective plant medicines (only acting on specific insects), which can be easily denatured by the biochemical action of air and ground; the use of particularly resistant harvest varieties; a higher attention and the elimination of infected plants.

Distance from trail: 300 meters

Length and duration of the walk: 600 meters – 30’

Difficulty: very easy

The paths 11

Medicinal Plants

A trail to the discovery of medicinal plants and herbs. You will find more than 40 varieties, from the commonest ones such as laurel, mint, and rosemary, to the less known santoreggia, chervil, and santolina. An inebriating experience, rich in fragrance and scents, both for adults and children.

In the past, the knowledge of plants was fundamental for ancient medicine, as it represented the only possible solution for the treatment of illness.  Over time, all the plants and herbs used in chemical officine (ancient medical workshops) have been called officinali. Ancient chemists were aware of the techniques of plant preparation techniques, processing (oils, unguents, fragrances, herbal teas etc.) and preservation, which they adopted to prepare medicinal remedies, cosmetic products and fragrances. Nowadays, “medical herbs and plants” are not only used to preserve the health and wellness of men and animals, but also for the preparation of food or chemically processed for the productions of spirits, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, medications and household products.

Distance from trail: mt 200

Length and duration of the walk: mt 50 – 20’

Difficulty: very easy

The paths 11
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