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Donkeys, Tibetan Goats and Horses

A small gravel path, partially running around a fence which encloses a small lake, a donkey family, a group of dwarf (or Tibetan) goats, and a horse, peacefully living together with further “visitors”, such as hares, hedgehogs, and small birds. The trail is open to both adults and accompanied children.

Donkey is the common name of Equus asinus, an ungulate belonging to the family of Equids. These animals are generally curious, strong, stubborn, patient, sociable and inclined to be docile, discreet and tender when gently treated. It is not a demanding species, which is happy with forage, grass and hay and can easily live up to 30 years.

Tibetan goats are small but relatively muscular and, despite their name, they originate from Somalia rather than Tibet. Both male and female specimens have short and thin horns; they are quite energetic and enjoy running and jumping on rocks, as well as on the trunks of dry trees. They feed on leafs, brambles, young plants, gems and soft bark.

The horse is a medium-large size mammal, belonging to the family of Equids. It is particularly human-friendly and useful for fun, sport, work, farming and for several activities having ludic or therapeutic purposes: these led to different ways of riding and driving horses with the aid of appropriate horse harnesses. Horses are classified in over 300 breeds, according to their physique and character (cold-blooded, cross-breed, and the so-called thoroughbred).

Distance from trail: 200 meters

Length and duration of the walk: 300 meters – 20’

Difficulty: very easy


A wide fence that encloses cute rabbits of different breeds and colour (rabbits, such as hares, are not rodents, but they belong to a specific order: lagomorphs).These sweet animals have diversified behaviours, being playful and sociable, and they can be observed while eating spontaneously growing grass.

The dwarf rabbit is a small mammal characterized by a compact and round body, short legs, a short tail adherent to the body, and a wide forehead with big eyes. Its small size, sociability and cuteness make it a perfect company. Rabbits usually live in groups: they like running, digging holes to hide and give birth, and nibbling and exploring everything. They are crepuscular animals, spending most of their time underground and generally going out early in the morning or late in the evening in search for food.

Distance from trail: 200 meters

Length and duration of the walk: 50 meters – 5’

Difficulty: very easy

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