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Why booking on the Official Website?
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Popilia is… Agriculture too!

Within a 140hectar land owned by Popilia, a wide area is destined to farming. Land is worked according to the principles of sustainable farming, as a means to obtain natural products, partially employed for the preparation of the dishes in the Resort’s Restaurant (for example, extra-virgin oil and fruits) and for the Callipo jams and compotes of the “Dalla nostra terra” line. Guests will have the chance to enjoy fresh fruits by harvesting them straight from plants.

  • Figs grove

    Species: Ficus carica sativa (domestic I)

    surface area 7 ha - 1986 plants

  • Olive grove

    Species: Olive (Olea Europaea var. carolea)

    surface area 29 ha - 7229 plants

  • Orchard

    Citrus fruits - surface 0.9 ha - 310 plants

    Cherry - surface 0.3 ha - 150 plants

    Pomegranate - surface 3 ha - 1595 plants

    Plum tree - surface 0.4 ha - 200 plants

    Lemons - surface 1 ha - 514 plants

    Orchard - surface 0.4 ha - 200 plants

  • Woods

    Species: Secular Cork Oak and Mediterranean Scrub – c. 44 ha area

    Cork oak, holm oak, durmast, arbutus, myrtle, lentiscus, Erica arborea (tree heath), Smilax etc.

    Lentisco, Erica arborea, Smilace ecc.

  • Pine grove

    Species: Domestic or umbrella pine (Pinus pinea), Maritime (Pinus pinaster), Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) – c. 2,5 ha area

  • Arable land

    Durum wheat (Senatore Cappelli) - surface 2 ha

    Mixed grass - surface 2.5 ha

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